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DogBot is multipurpose IRC bot. But I do not upgrade anymore. I just maintenance until bow-wow, the next version with more clean code, released.


  • Multi-server connection by each encoding(charset)
  • Multi-threading command executing
  • Useful/Editable builtin commands
  • Command alias


  • Python2.x (not support 3.x)
  • websocket-client (for ?exa)
  • sphinx (for ?flask, ?wand)

Basic Usage

  1. install Python2.x and download this source.

    $ cd DogBot
    $ git clone .
  2. It need to pip install. install requirements.

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. It will make configure file automatically when first runtime. just execute once.

     $ python
  4. modify config.json.

    $ vi config.json
  5. Execute again and use it.

    $ python


  • nick : string. Bot's nickname. multi-byte supported.
  • server : JS object contain server address : configure pair. The key is server address, and the value is JS object configure.
    • port : integer. Server port. Ordinary 6667.
    • encoding : string. Server encoding(charset). Ordinary latin-7(english only) or utf8(multi-byte support)
    • channels : array. List of channels about join automatically. MUST prefix #
    • kick : string. RAW string about how to manage when someone take possession of its nickname.
    • login : string RAW string about how to login NickServ.
  • db : not used yet. It will be DSN of its DB.