The Quick Start project containing everything to run an example integration via docker-compose
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docker-compose.yml QuickStart App in Docker

This QuickStart App project provides a very easy way to start using the services.

It contains a docker-compose.yml file that will run:

  • our server-example
    • implements the signup flow and RestHook endpoints for any of our supported platforms
  • our ui-example
    • a frontend to start the signup flow and display data
  • RestHeart
    • a RESTful API for MongoDB, used by the ui-example to read data to display
  • MongoDB
    • where the server-example app will write any data to

Run QuickStart App


To run QuickStart App and its add-ons you need:


  1. git clone
  2. Switch to the dataconnect-docker-quickstart folder
  3. Run ./ and follow the directions
  4. docker-compose up -d