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* This is a demonstration of how the tradeout confirmation call from
* Itemplatform could be processed.
* Edit this file so that the outgoing payment is added to your database
* and the payment request confirmed.
* Documentation:
* (the tradeout confirmation
* call is NOT a webhook but the validation is identical)
// Load config
require('.' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'config.php');
// Load Itemplatform demo library
require('.' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'lib.php');
// Validate webhook call
$webhookValidationResult = Itemplatform::webhookValidate(ITEMPLATFORM_WEBHOOK_SECRET);
if (!$webhookValidationResult['success']) {
// Validation failed => send HTTP error code and exit
// !!! EDIT CODE HERE !!!
$userBalance = 0; // replace this with your code retrieving the user balance from your database
// There are two possible cases of why this interface can be called by Itemplatform:
// 1. To receive the user balance WITHOUT requesting a payment confirmation
// 2. Requesting confirmation for a specific payment
if (!isset($webhookValidationResult['payload']['amount'])) {
// Payload does not contain "amount" parameter => this is case 1, requesting user balance
// (we use the default HTTP code 200 here, so no changes needed)
// Print out user balance
echo round($userBalance['balance'], 2);
} else {
// Payload contains "amount" parameter => this is case 2, requesting payment confirmation
// process transaction
// Check that user balance is sufficient for requested payout
if ($userBalance['balance'] >= $webhookValidationResult['payload']['amount']) {
// User balance is equal or higher of the requested payout amount
// !!! EDIT CODE HERE !!!
// Add your code here for adding the transaction to your database.
// Remember that this is an OUTGOING payment, so depending on your implementation
// you might want store the amount multiplied by -1 to mark it as a payment going out.
if (
// !!! EDIT CODE HERE !!!
// check that adding the transaction to database was successful
) {
// The transaction was successfully added to database => confirm payout by sending
// HTTP code and the output "OK"
echo 'OK';
} else {
// Something went wrong
// You can specifiy your own HTTP code here, this is just a suggestion
// You can output your error message here if you want (optional)
echo 'Database error';
} else {
// User balance does not have sufficient balance for this payment => deny payout
// By sending code 409, we trigger an "insufficient funds" message on Itemplatform
// Print out user balance
echo round($userBalance['balance'], 2);