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  1. Mi-Ke Mi-Ke Public

    Collection of Autohotkey scripts to make daily life in Windows less dull

    AutoHotkey 18 4

  2. blog-posts blog-posts Public

    Blog posts

    7 6

  3. Git-NumberedAdd Git-NumberedAdd Public

    PowerShell script to git add, diff, reset etc files with fabricated indexes

    PowerShell 6 1

  4. confac confac Public

    Consultant invoicing: React frontend, Express backend

    TypeScript 8 4

  5. github-stars-links github-stars-links Public

    Chrome UserScript that adds a stars badge to github project links

    JavaScript 5 2

  6. Competence-Center Competence-Center Public

    Public itenium Competence Centers website

    SCSS 1 2


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