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Blog posts

for []

Instructions on how to create a post and what is available

Github pages supported plugins

New post

A new post will be published when:

  • The filename starts with a date
  • The file is not in the _drafts folder
  • The front matter date is not in the future
  • The submodule of this project is updated to include the new post(s)
  • The Jekyll project is pushed to Github


  • Place image(s) and other resources in the assets/blog-images folder of
  • New tag? Assign it an icon in _date/blog.yml
  • New category? Update blog.yml to set the icon!
  • lastUpdate frontmatter needs to be kept in sync manually because sorting on (updates | last).date turned out to not be very easy.
  • A autohotkey code block makes a notice appear about DynaRun
  • Posts with first tag "meta" are not included in the search results (blog/search.json)


  • Share on Twitter / Facebook
  • Include tweet?
  • html proofer
  • related posts
  • create a list of books that I found really good?
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