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Wouter Van Schandevijl
Robocode Tutorial
2019-06-17 18:00:00 -0700
Robocode tutorials for the itenium roborumble™
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Example Eclipse and Visual Studio Robocode projects
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Official Robocode site
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Robocode Wiki
🎇 Tutorial

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Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java or .NET. The robot battles are running in real-time and on-screen.

Game Physics

BattleFieldWidth and BattleFieldHeight{: .img-responsive}{: style="max-width: 500px"}

  • Default grid for 1v1: 800x600
  • Time is measured in ticks = turns.
  • 1 distance unit = 1 pixel unless the game scaled down the battlefield to fit on the screen.
  • Acceleration (a): Robots accelerate at 1px/turn and decelerate at 2px/turn.
  • Velocity (v): Max: 8px/turn. Direction of the GunHeading.
  • Distance (d): distance = velocity * time.


The Robot

A Robot consists of:


  • Energy:
    • Start with 100.
    • Drops when firing, getting hit, running into robots or walls and being inactive
    • At 0, it is game over!
  • Ahead(double distance) & Back: Distance in pixels.
    • Collision with another robot: 0.6 energy damage
    • Collision with a wall abs(velocity) * 0.5 - 1 (never < 0) (AdvancedRobot only)
  • Velocity: Measured in pixels/turn. Max: 8px/turn. Accelerate: 1px/turn. Decelerate: 2px/turn.
  • TurnLeft(double degrees) & TurnRight
    • Maximum rate of rotation is (10 - 0.75 * abs(velocity)) deg/turn.
    • The faster you're moving, the slower you turn.
    • Heading: Direction the tank is facing. Returns 0 to 360 (exclusive). 0 is North. 90 is East etc.
  • Width & Height: Dimensions of the Robot. (36x36)


Pew! Pew! Pew!!

  • Mounted on the Body.
  • GunHeat:
    • Can only Fire when this is zero.
    • Each turn the Gun cools with GunCoolingRate. Default: 0.1 / turn.
    • At game start GunHeat is 3.
  • Fire & FireBullet(double power): Bullet:
    • With power between 0.1 and 3.
    • Costs power amount of energy. If power > energy, you become disabled.
    • Damage: (4 * power). If power > 1, an additional 2 * (power - 1) damage.
    • If hit, you regain (3 * power) worth of energy.
    • GunHeat increases with 1 + (power / 5).
    • Generates onBullHit, onBulletHitBullet and onBulletMissed events.
    • Bullets move with a velocity of 20 - (3 * power)
  • turnGunLeft and turnGunRight.
    • The maximum rate of rotation is: 20 deg/turn.
    • GunHeading: Direction the gun is facing. Returns 0 to 360 (exclusive). 0 is North. 90 is East etc.
    • IsAdjustGunForRobotTurn: True = Guns turns separately of Body.


Scans for other robots.

  • Mounted on the Gun.
  • turnRadarLeft(double degrees) and turnRadarRight.
    • The maximum rate of rotation is: 45 deg/turn
  • Generates onScannedRobot events when another robot is detected.
  • RadarHeading: Direction the radar is facing.
  • IsAdjustRadarForGunTurn: True = Radar turns separately of Gun.
  • IsAdjustRadarForRobotTurn: True = Radar turns separately of Body.

Battling other robots

The best way to debug your robot is, ofcourse battling others!

Learning Resources

Learning to

Other resources


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