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Wouter Van Schandevijl
.NET Regex Tutorial
2019-04-18 18:00:00 -0700
Basic .NET Regex cheat sheet
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Unsplash picture by Àlex Folguera
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Picture by Devin Avery
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Steven Levithan: Fun with .NET Regex Balancing Groups
🔥 .NET Regex

Not nearly as confusing as it is in JavaScript.

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

bool mach = Regex.IsMatch("input", @"\w+", RegexOptions.None);
Match match = Regex.Match("input", @"\w+");
IReadOnlyList<Match> matches = Regex.Matches("input", @"\w+");
string result = Regex.Replace("input", @"(\w+)", "$1");

When executing the same regex many times, prefer the static methods on Regex over new Regex() as they keep an internal cache for performance.

Its methods may throw a RegexMatchTimeoutException


var regex = new Regex(@"\d+", RegexOptions.None);

var commentedRegex = new Regex(@"
    \d    # Any digit
    [0-9] # With character class
    ", RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace);
  • RegexOptions.Compiled: Increased startup time for decreased execution time.
  • RegexOptions.IgnoreCase.
  • RegexOptions.ExplicitCapture: Only explicitly named/numbered groups are captured. (Skip the (?:…)).
  • RegexOptions.Multiline: ^ and $ match beginning of line.
  • RegexOptions.Singleline: . matches \n.

Tes A Match

Match match = Regex.Match("1-22-333", @"(\d+)-(\d+)-(\d+)(-\d+)?");

IReadOnlyList<Group> groups = match.Groups;
Assert.Equal(5, groups.Count);

Assert.Equal("1-22-333", groups.First().Value);

Group one = match.Groups.Skip(1).First();
Assert.Equal("1", one.Value);

Group fours = match.Groups.Last();

Multiple Named Matches

string pattern = @"(?<one>\d+)-(?<two>\d+)";
IReadOnlyList<Match> matches = Regex.Matches("1-22, 1-2", pattern);

Assert.Equal(2, matches.Count);

Match first = matches.First();
Assert.Equal("1-22", first.Value);

Match second = matches.Last();
Assert.Equal("1-2", second.Value);

IReadOnlyList<Group> groups = first.Groups;
Group one = groups.Skip(1).First();
Assert.Equal("one", one.Name);
Assert.Equal("1", one.Value);


Basic Usage

var regex = new Regex(@"(\d)-(\d+)");
var result = regex.Replace("1-22", "$1+$2");
Assert.Equal("1+22", result);

result = Regex.Replace("1", @"(?<amount>\d+)", "$$ ${amount}");
Assert.Equal("$ 1", result);

Replace with Function

string input = "Hello World!";
string pattern = @"Hello";

var result = Regex.Replace(input, pattern, (Match m) => $"<b>{m.Value}</b>");
Assert.Equal("<b>Hello</b> World!", result);

Other Substitutions

  • $& : entire match
  • ```$```` : before
  • $' : after
  • $+ : last captured group
  • $_ : entire input string
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