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Wouter Van Schandevijl
Git-NumberedAdd for PowerShell
2018-08-30 08:00:00 -0700
Tired of copying <code>git status</code> output for <code>git add</code> input for the millionth time? Despair no more for <code>Git-NumberedAdd</code> is here!
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Git-NumberedStatus, Add, Diff and Reset ps1 source
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Similar implementation in Bash
desc git
Similar implementation in Perl
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Numbered Add

After copying file paths from git status output and pasting them after a git add quite a few times by now, I've written a small PowerShell script to stage the files by index.

Git-NumberedStatus (alias: gs)

Displays the output of git status --short together with fabricated indexes like so

Git-NumberedStatus{: .img-responsive}

Working directory color codes:

  • Yellow: Modified (file0 to file3)
  • DarkMagenta: Deleted (file4)
  • Blue: Added (file5)

Git-NumberedStatus accepts extra CLI arguments. Example: `gs -u` to see all `--untracked-files`. Configure the color output by modifying `$global:gitStatusNumbers`.

With Numstat

If $global:gitStatusNumbers.includeNumstat is true, Git-NumberedStatus will also execute a git diff --numstat and add lines added/deleted to the output.

Git-NumberedStatus with --numstat{: .img-responsive}

Git-NumberedAdd (alias: ga)

All set to stage some files!

PS> Git-NumberedAdd 0 1 2
add 'file0'
add 'file1'
add 'file2'

The same can be achieved with:

  • Git-NumberedAdd 0-2
  • Git-NumberedAdd -3
  • Git-NumberedAdd 012 (but only if there is a max of 10 files in the git status)

`Git-NumberedAdd +3` would add file4 and file5 in the above scenario.

Git-NumberedDiff (alias: gd)

Works like Git-NumberedAdd but can also be called without arguments to see the diff of all files. It will call git add -N for all newly created files so that they also show up in the diff.

git diff --cached is currently not implemented in this script.

Git-NumberedReset (alias: grs)

This only works for files already staged. Example output:

Git-NumberedStatus{: .img-responsive}

To, for example unstage file0 and file4

PS> Git-NumberedReset 02
Unstaged changes after reset:
M       file0
M       file1
M       file2
D       file4

Other functions

Git-GetFileNameByIndex 2


Sometime similar is actually built into Git itself

git add --interactive # or -i for short

Once in interactive mode:

git add --interactive{: .img-responsive}

And then use 2: Update to stage files.

Also, see below for similar implementations in Bash and Perl.