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Wouter Van Schandevijl
Chrome Extension: Starify Github project links
2019-03-06 16:00:00 -0800
Automatically add Github stars badges to all Github project links. Runs automatically on google, stackoverflow and github. Activate with Control + Alt + G on any other webpage.
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url desc The Stars badges provider!
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A free and open source Chrome Extension that adds Github stars badges to all links on a web page.

**Before**: []( **After**: ![sindresorhus/awesome]( [sindresorhus/awesome](
Runs automatically on certain pages like Google search results, StackExchange questions, on Github itself and on Package Manager registries.

{% include kbd k="Control+Alt+G" l="Activate on any other page" %}

More Examples

Google Search Results

{% include post/image.html file="starify-github-links-google-results.png" alt="" title="" desc="" %}

Github Awesome List

{% include post/image.html file="starify-github-links-github-awesome-list.png" alt="" title="" desc="" %}


Fork the project and modify the source if you want different behavior because... Well there isn't some sort of settings page :)

Find these variables at the top of github-stars.user.js:

// Execute directly on pages matching one of these:
const activateDirectlyOn = [
  '', '', '',
  '', /^https:\/\/.*\.stackexchange\.com/,
  /^https:\/\/(www.)?google\..*\/search/, '',
  '', '', '',

// Otherwise wait for Control + Alt + G:
const isTheHotkey = e => e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && e.code === 'KeyG';

// Shoutout to for kindly providing the badges!
const badgeUrl = '{userName}/{repoName}.svg?style=social&label=Star';
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