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Wouter Van Schandevijl
The itenium Bliki
Don't let the "Blog" title fool you. This really is a "Bliki".
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First Entry!?

This is what usually is the very first blog post. With links to some new-old posts, migrated from my 2012 blog. {: .hide-from-excerpt}

Personal Reference Bliki

{: .hide-from-excerpt}

Everyone who has worked with me for a while knows I'm really hyped about the Pragmatic Programmers. My original idea back in 2012 was to blog about their pragmatic tips, but this blog has instead turned into more of a "personal reference bliki".


Turns out I usually blog about a framework or library that I learned and basically wrote as short a version of their documentation as possible, trying to let the code speak for itself and resorting to text only for things that cannot be expressed as code more succinctly.

For example, the Moment.js library is used in many a project but each time I needed something I hadn't done in a while I had to revert to their docs. Their documentation is great but I usually need to know only that one small thing. Our Moment.js blog post is about 10 pages and it covers, in pretty much the same detail, 80 pages of the official docs.


Blog posts might be updated later on:

  • To fix typos, broken code or add links
  • Update things if they no longer hold true
  • To reflect changes in the API after a major release of the library
  • As I learn more about the subject
  • To add more/less context
  • Or... When I changed my mind about something :)

The name shamelessly stolen from Martin Fowler's bliki.


Some blog posts are used for me to link to avoid Don't Repeat Yourself. Instead of doing the full detailing once again, I try to coerce my colleagues to the relevant blog post instead.

But most are basically to force myself to read the docs and/or revert to when I pick up a project that is using a library I haven't used in a while.

PS: There is a The Pragmatic Programmer 20th Anniversary Edition coming up. I should probably pre-order.

Original Blog Posts

Pragmatic Tips

The Pragmatic Tips blog posts from back in 2012:

Pragmatic Tip 1: Care About Your Craft

Pragmatic Tip 2: Think! About Your Work

Do I still stand by it after 7 years? Pretty much. There wasn't anything I thought I should really remove so there's that. Should I write now on those two tips, I do think the articles would turn out radically different though :)

The second post ends with Next up is “Provide Options, Don’t Make Lame Excuses”, one of my favorite tips!
So yeah, I'll try not to make any promises on this blog anymore.


Not sure if I wanted these migrated. But here they are!

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