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The tests are based on the Buster.JS JavaScript test framework, and the domain for this kata is the game of bowling.

Underscore.JS is included as a utility library, use it wise and often!

Project layout

├── autotest.py          # Auto test runner
├── buster.js            # Buster.JS config file
├── lib                  # libs and dependencies
│   ├── iterate.js       # Setup namespace
│   └── underscore.js    # Utility lib
├── src                  # Source code
│   └── bowlingGame.js
└── test                 # Tests
    └── bowling_test.js


Using npm (the package manager of Node.JS), run:

npm install -g buster

Running the tests

Buster.JS is a versatile test framework. To create and serve a static HTML page that runs the tests like QUnit, issue the following command:

buster static

This is however quite cumbersome. Buster.JS can also do what JSTestDriver does. To get output in a terminal (or for you CI), but at the same time actually run the tests in a browser, you need to first run

buster server

and direct the browser you would like to test in at http://localhost:1111/ followed by a click on the big button. Repeat this process in as many browsers as you like. When you are ready to run the tests, do a

buster test -e browser

If you like getting feedback from your tests at a fast pace, use the included Python script that automagically runs the tests whenever a .js file is changed:

python autotest.py