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Hunt the Wumpus

This is the result of the Coding Dojo at Iterate 2013-02-14.

Game rules

Hunt the Wumpus is a simple console adventure game in which the player navigates through a maze and tries to kill a Wumpus. Each turn the player is given a description of where he is, and what directions he can move in. He is then asked to choose an action.

Legal actions are:

  • E: Go East
  • W: Go West
  • N: Go North
  • S: Go South
  • R: Rest for one turn
  • SE: Shoot Arrow East
  • SW: Shoot Arrow West
  • SN: Shoot Arrow North
  • SS: Shoot Arrow South


  • You can't always move in all directions. If you try the game will say: "You can't go {east|west|north|south} from here"
  • If you move into a cavern with the wumpus, or if the wumpus moves into your cavern while you are resting, you die, and the game is over.
  • If you shoot in a direction, the arrow will continue to go in that direction until it hits a wall, or the wumpus.
    • If the arrow passes through the cavern that contains the wumpus, it dies, and you win.
    • If the arrow hits a wall, it stays in that cavern.
    • If you move into a cavern that has an arrow, you automatically pick it up.
    • If you shoot in a direction that does not exist, the arrow bounces back and kills you.
  • Some caverns have pits.
    • If you are near a cavern that has a pit, you will "hear wind".
    • If you move into a cavern with a pit, you fall in and die.
  • Some caverns have bats.
    • If you are near a cavern that has bats you will "hear chirping".
    • If you move into a cavern with bats, the bats pick you up and drop you at a random location in the maze.
      • The bats then return to the original cavern.
  • The wumpus moves randomly every turn.
    • It moves through the maze, it does not teleport.
    • It sometimes rests.
    • If you are near the wumpus you will "smell the wumpus".