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(ns iterate-clojure-workshop12.task15-let
(:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))
;; ### TASK A ###
;; Refactor the company-finder from task9-functions.clj to be more
;; readable by assigning the map and the individual the individual
;; subexpressions (streets, companies) to local constants with let
(defn company-finder [street num city]
(let [
atlas {"New Oslo" {"Bygdøy allé" ["Iterate" "ComoYo" "Peppes Pizza"]}}
city-val (atlas city)
street-val (city-val street)
company (street-val num)]
;; Test for the function
(deftest company-finder-test
(is (= "Iterate" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 0 "New Oslo")))
(is (= "ComoYo" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 1 "New Oslo")))
(is (= "Peppes Pizza" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 2 "New Oslo"))))
;; ### TASK B (optional) ###
;; if you have implemented iff-fn and used it to return null when an
;; out of bound street num is passed it, improve it now to actually
;; check against the actual length of the street instead of hard-coding 3.
;; Tip: The function count returns the size of a sequence.
; TODO (solution not provided)
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