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(ns iterate-clojure-workshop12.task14-java-interop
(:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))
;; ### TASK A ###
;; Help Uncle Scrooge (Skrue) to keep a list of his debtors.
;; Create a Java HashMap and two functions, add-debtor [name amount]
;; and check-debt [name]. Add the initial debtor Donald Duck owing
;; $1814 to make the Uncle happy.
;; (Notice that the Uncle doesn't require any remove function in the
;; first iteration as its business value has been deemed diminutive.)
; TODO (uncomment add-debtor-test when done with check-debtor)
;; Tests
(deftest check-debtor-test
(is (= 1814 (check-debt "Donald Duck")))
(is (nil? (check-debt "Uncle Srooge"))))
(deftest add-debtor-test
(do (add-debtor "Launchpad McQuack" 9999))
(is (= 9999 (check-debt "Launchpad McQuack"))))
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