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(ns iterate-clojure-workshop12.task8-functions
(:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))
;; TIP:
;; Whenever you save this file in Catnip (Ctrl-S), it will be automatically
;; re-loaded by the REPL below so you can use it to experiment with your new
;; code.
;; Ex.: write a simple function, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-R to jump to repl, call the function to
;; verify it returnes what expected. The REPL is stateful and remembers defs etc.
;; ### TASK A ###
;; Company finder 2: Create the function company-finder that
;; takes [street num city] and returns the company there,
;; using the map created in task 6
;; The map should not be visible outside of the function.
;; Test for the function
;; TIP: Un-comment the (comment ...) to disable the test temporarily:
(deftest company-finder-test
(is (= "Iterate" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 0 "New Oslo")))
(is (= "ComoYo" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 1 "New Oslo")))
(is (= "Peppes Pizza" (company-finder "Bygdøy allé" 2 "New Oslo"))))
;; ### TASK B ###
;; Create function iff [cond, if-val, else-val] that returns
;; the if-val if cond is true otherwise else-val.
;; Use a map to implement it.
;; FIXME(ivar): better description
; TODO (uncomment the test below first)
;; Test for the function
(deftest iff-test
(is (= "It's true!" (iff (> 1 0) "It's true!" "Your math is wrong")))
(is (= :falsy (iff false :truthy :falsy))))
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