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README: Links to Clojure reference documentation

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@@ -66,10 +66,12 @@ The workshop consists of:
2. Clojure-mini tutorial: a "minimal" subset of Clojure with fall-back to Java enabling you to read Clojure source codes and write interesting stuff; accompanied by hands-on tasks
3. The project of building a todo webapp using Noir
-### Documentation
-*TBD: our & clojure cheatsheat, w/ examples, st. else?*
+### Clojure reference documentation
+* [Clojure-mini cheatsheet](
+* [Official Clojure heatsheet](
+* [Doc & examples for functions at](
+* REPL: `(doc <function-name>)`, `(find-doc <regular expression string/pattern>)`, examples: `(cdoc <function name>)`
### The tasks

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