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* In Catnip, type f.ex. `(println "hello")` and press Control-E to evaluate it to see that all is working
* Press Control-C in the console to stop Catnip
+### Ponder your reasons why Clojure might be interesting
+One common complain was that we jumped into Clojure without really communication its value. While we would live to do that,
+we believe our time together is more efficiently spent conding and you can well do it yourself.
+Respecting your time constraints, have a look at the following, priority-ordered motivtion treasures:
+1. [Land of Lisp]( (Clojure primarily is a lisp) - scroll down a little; click on guild names for more info
+2. [Clojure Philosophy]( at the The Joy of Clojure page at Manning
+3. Paul Graham's legendary essay [Beating the Averages](
+4. The great talk [Simple Made Easy]( by Rich Hickey
### Development Environments

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