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An USB missile launcher manager connected to ScyNet.

To do

  1. Extend emulator to use pyrocket (see link below) to control the missile launcher.


  1. Find and order a rocket launcher.
  2. Implement blaster emulator to test integration with ScyNet. The Python one works.

The missile launcher

We got an Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher. The original black and green one, from ThinkGeek.

This missile launcher is quite popular, and there is lots of existing software for it, in addition to the official Windows software.

But probably most useful for us:

pyrocket testing

I installed pyrocket 0.60 from APT on Ubuntu 10.10:

sudo apt-get install pyrocket

Then I could immediately start the pyrocket application and use the missile launcher.

But more importantly, I could control the missile launcher from Python code:

>>> import rocket_backend as backend
>>> manager = backend.RocketManager()
>>> manager.launchers
>>> manager.acquire_devices()
Located blue Rocket Launcher device.
>>> manager.launchers
[<rocket_backend.BlueRocketLauncher instance at 0x24b2710>]
>>> launcher = manager.launchers[0]

The following commands returns immediately without blocking. Issuing a second command aborts the first one and immediately starts executing the new command:

>>> launcher.green_directions
[1, 0, 2, 3, 4]
>>> launcher.issue_command(0) # Move down
>>> launcher.issue_command(1) # Move up
>>> launcher.issue_command(2) # Move left
>>> launcher.issue_command(3) # Move right
>>> launcher.issue_command(4) # Fire (continuously)
>>> launcher.stop_movement()

You can check what directions the launcher can currently move in. The order of the elements are [up, down, right, left]:

>>> launcher.check_limits()
[False, True, False, True] # Can move down and left
>>> launcher.issue_command(0) # Move down
>>> launcher.check_limits()
[True, False, False, True] # Can move up and left
>>> launcher.issue_command(2) # Move left
>>> launcher.check_limits()
[True, False, True, False] # Can move up and right

This should be more than enough to get ScyNet online :-)

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