FFmpeg prebuilt for NW.js

FFMpeg prebuilt binaries with proprietary codecs and build instructions for window, linux and osx.

Usage: [-h] [-c] [-nw NW_VERSION] [-ta TARGET_ARCH] [-pc]

Arguments explanied:
  • -h, --help : Show the help message and exit
  • -c, --clean : Clean the workspace, removes downloaded source code
  • -nw NW_VERSION, --nw_version NW_VERSION : Build ffmpeg for the specified Nw.js version (latest from if not specified)
  • -ta TARGET_ARCH, --target_arch TARGET_ARCH : Target architecture, ia32, x64
  • -pc, --proprietary_codecs : Build ffmpeg with proprietary codecs applied from the specific platform patch
Specific guides:

Downloads prebuilt binaries.

You can get the FFmpeg source code from here.

License and Patent Fee

Using MP3 and H.264 codecs requires you to pay attention to the patent royalties and the license of the source code. Consult a lawyer if you do not understand the licensing constraints and using patented media formats in your application. For more information about the license of the source code, check here.