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;; @file
;; @discussion Nu versions of popular Common Lisp functions and macros.
;; @copyright Copyright (c) 2009 Jeff Buck
;; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
;; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
;; You may obtain a copy of the License at
;; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
;; limitations under the License.
;; These functions are part of Common Lisp.
;; The subsequent examples in the book assume they are defined.
(function mapcar-1 (f l)
((null? l) nil)
(cons (f (car l)) (mapcar-1 f (cdr l))))))
;; Nu's cadr-type built-ins are postfix.
;; Not as suitable for lispy mapping functions.
(function caar (l)
(car (car l)))
(function cadr (l)
(car (cdr l)))
(function cddr (x)
(cdr (cdr x)))
(macro-1 incf (n *delta)
(if (not (eq *delta '()))
(then `(set ,n (+ ,n ,(car *delta))))
(else `(set ,n (+ ,n 1)))))
(macro-1 decf (n *delta)
(if (not (eq *delta '()))
(then `(set ,n (- ,n ,(car *delta))))
(else `(set ,n (- ,n 1)))))
(function evenp (x)
((eq 0 (% x 2))))
(function oddp (x)
(not (evenp x)))
(set even? evenp)
(set odd? oddp)
(function select-if (f l)
(function select-if-acc (f l acc)
(if (null? l)
(then acc)
(if (f (car l))
(then (select-if-acc f (cdr l) (append acc (list (car l)))))
(else (select-if-acc f (cdr l) acc))))))
(select-if-acc f l nil))
(function nthcdr (n source)
(cond ((eq n 0)
((> n (source length)) nil)
(else (nthcdr (- n 1) (cdr source)))))
(function subseq (l start end)
(if (eq (l class) ("a" class))
(if (>= start end)
(then "")
;; String - use substring
(l substringWithRange:(list start (- end start))))))
;; Assume a list - use cdrs
(set len (l length))
(set i start)
(set result nil)
(while (and (< i end) (< i len))
(set result (append result (list (car (nthcdr i l)))))
(set i (+ i 1)))
(function last (l *n)
(let ((len (l length)))
(if *n
(then (set count (car *n)))
(else (set count 1)))
(if (> count len)
(then (set count len)))
(subseq l (- len count) len)))
(function butlast (l *n)
(if (not (eq *n '()))
(then (set count (car *n)))
(else (set count 1)))
(let ((len (l length)))
(if (>= count len)
(then '())
(else (subseq l 0 (- len count))))))
(macro-1 let* (bindings *body)
(if (null? bindings)
(set __nextcall `(let* ,(cdr bindings) ,@*body))
`(let (,(car bindings))
;; Not part of Common Lisp, but popular functions to have around...
;; Glue up a string from various substrings.
(function mkstr (*rest)
(set s "")
(*rest each:
(do (a)
(set s (+ s a))))
;; Make a symbol name out of a list of substrings.
(function symb (*rest)
((apply mkstr *rest) symbolValue))
;; Group a flat list into lists of length n.
(function group (source n)
(function group-rec (source n acc)
(let ((rest (nthcdr n source)))
(if (pair? rest)
(group-rec rest n (cons (subseq source 0 n) acc)))
(reverse (cons source acc))))))
(if source
(then (group-rec source n nil))
(else nil)))
;; Flatten a nested list.
(function flatten (x)
(function flatten-rec (x acc)
((eq x nil) acc)
((atom? x) (cons x acc))
(else (flatten-rec (car x) (flatten-rec (cdr x) acc)))))
(flatten-rec x nil))
;; A few math functions
(function fact (x)
(if (<= x 0)
(then 1)
(else (* x (fact (- x 1))))))
(function choose (n r)
(/ (fact n)
(fact (- n r))
(fact r)))
(function perm (n r)
(/ (fact n)
(fact (- n r))))
;; The rest of the functions in this file are not part of
;; Common Lisp, but they are "Common Lispy" enough to include
;; here. They are provided as a convenience functions that a
;; multi-list mapcar could otherwise provide.
;; returns the obvious on a list of lists.
(function cars (lists)
(mapcar-1 car lists))
(function cdrs (lists)
(mapcar-1 cdr lists))
;; Nu's map provides similar functionality to weave,
;; but doesn't work for quoted lists like this:
;; (map list '(a b c) '(x y z))
;; It tries to eval the list elements.
;; ^ the internal apply is the guilty party in map.
;; weave only works for two lists.
;; ex: (weave '(a b c) '(x y z)) -> (a x) (b y) (c z)
(function weave (*lists)
(function weave-rec (lists)
((null? lists) nil)
((null? (car lists)) nil)
(cars lists)
(weave-rec (cdrs lists))))))
(weave-rec *lists))
; Nu adds a "list" method to NSArray.
; This function turns a string into a list of characters.
(function listify (s)
(let ((i 0)
(len (s length))
(result '()))
(while (< i len)
(set result (append result (list (subseq s i (+ i 1)))))
(set i (+ i 1)))