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(load "Nutils:cl_utils")
(load "")
;; A test generator example:
(function dft (tree)
(cond ((null? tree) nil)
((atom tree) (puts tree))
(else (dft (car tree))
(dft (cdr tree)))))
(set g-dft-saved nil)
(=function dft-node (tree)
(cond ((null? tree)
((atom tree)
(=values tree))
(push (do () (dft-node (cdr tree))) g-dft-saved)
(dft-node (car tree)))))
(=function restart ()
(if (not (null? g-dft-saved))
(set f (pop g-dft-saved))
(=values "done"))))
(=function dft2 (tree)
(set g-dft-saved nil)
(=bind (node) (dft-node tree)
(cond ((== node "done") (=values nil))
(else (puts node)
(set t1 '(10 (20 (30 40)) (50 60 (70 80) 90)))
(set t2 '(1 (2 (3 6 7) 4 5)))
(puts "(dft-node t2): #{(dft-node t2)}")
(puts " (restart): #{(restart)}")
(puts " g-dft-saved: #{g-dft-saved}")
(puts "(dft2 t2): #{(dft2 t2)}")
(puts "Generating all combinations of the tree nodes:")
(=bind (node1) (dft-node t1)
(if (== node1 'done)
(then 'done)
(=bind (node2) (dft-node t2)
(list node1 node2))))))
(30 times: (do (x) (puts (restart))))
;(dft2 t2)
;; A few quick tests...
;(macrox (=function add1 (x) (=values (+ 1 x))))
;(=function add1 (x) (=values (+ 1 x)))
;(add1 5)
;; Multiple args
;(macrox (=function a (b c) (+ b c)))
;(=function a (b c) (+ b c))
;(a 1 2)