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GlueCon 2012 Salesforce Mobile SDK Demo

As first presented in We Don’t Need No Stinkin App Server! Building a Two-Tier Mobile App; a session at Gluecon 2012; and later in the Touch Stadium at Dreamforce 2012.

Install the Salesforce Mobile SDK (this latest version of the demo runs on version 1.3 of the Mobile SDK) and create a new "Hybrid App" project according to instructions in the README. Clone this project and drop the files into your hybrid app's folder, overwriting forcetk.js, index.html and inline.js, and creating a new images folder.

You will also need to create a Developer Edition environment and add two custom fields to the standard Contact object:

  • ImageId - text field, length = 18
  • Image - formula field, type = text, formula:

    IF( ImageId__c != null , 
        HYPERLINK('/' & ImageId__c, 
            IMAGE( '/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/' & ImageId__c, '', 150, 100)) , 
        IMAGE('' , '' , 0 , 0))
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