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Constellate Notebooks

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Constellate is a platform to teach, learn, and perform text analysis with scholarly and primary source content from JSTOR, Portico, and partners. Constellate enables you to easily and confidently incorporate text analysis into your curriculum. Whether you are new to the practice or a seasoned pro, our user-friendly software and educational approach will meet your educational needs.

This repository is a collection of Jupyter Notebooks we use for Constellate live classes and events. These notebooks are Open Educational Resources (OER), free for re-use under a Creative Commons CC BY License.

Constructed using Jupyter Notebooks

These Jupyter Notebooks were designed to work in the Constellate lab environment, but they can also be run locally. You may need to install additional modules and libraries, such as the Constellate Client. To install the client, run the following on your local command line:

pip install constellate-client

Maintained by Nathan Kelber and Zhuo Chen for JSTOR Labs under Creative Commons CC BY License

For questions/comments/improvements, email

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Example notebooks and tutorials from Constellate, the text analysis service from ITHAKA.