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* This class sets up the autoloader for all classes in the \Byron namespace, and defines
* the function "blib()" that is used to load functions. If your requirements are simple,
* it's probably sufficient to just arrange to "require_once()" this file to use Byron.
* If you have complicated autoloading requirements, you may wish to replace all of
* this code with your own.
* Class autoloader for all classes in the \Byron namespace. If attempting to load such
* a class, but no such class is found, an exception is thrown.
spl_autoload_register(function ($klass) {
// Map $klass to the $filename it's supposed to be defined in
if (strpos($klass, "Byron\\") === 0) {
$filename = sprintf("%s/%s/%s.php", __DIR__, "lib", str_replace("\\", "/", substr($klass, strlen("Byron\\"))));
if (is_readable($filename)) { // can use stream_resolve_include_path() to search include path
// It seems like it would be a good idea to throw an Exception()
// here saying that $filename could not be found, but this is
// less helpful than you might think. It works fine if there's
// only one callback in the spl_autoload stack, but if there's
// another one after this, then even if we throw an exception here,
// the later callback function gets called. If it also throws
// an exception, then it's the later exception that gets reported
// to the client, not yours. So, since you can't rely on any
// Exception you might throw here to be usable by the caller, it's
// better to not throw an exception at all.
* Simple function to "require" library files in the "utils" directory.
* (Since, as functions, the autoload mechanism doesn't apply.)
function blib($s) {
require_once(sprintf("%s/utils/%s.php", __DIR__, $s));
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