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let rec prime n =
let rec __prime l i =
let root = (sqrt (float_of_int i)) in
(* We need to do this filter a bunch of times, maybe maintain a separate
list of primes less than the sqrt(i), and add to it as necessary. *)
let test = List.filter (fun n -> (float_of_int n) < (1. +. root)) l in
let exists = List.exists (fun n -> i mod n == 0) test in
if (not exists) then (i :: l) else (__prime l (i + 2))
let rec _prime l =
if (List.length l) == n then
_prime (__prime l ((List.hd l) + 2))
_prime [3; 2]
let l = prime 10001 in
Printf.printf "%d\n" (List.hd l)