Counts new, deleted and modified lines in git repository with ability to pass various options
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Git LOC tracker

Git LOC tracker is a tool that counts new, deleted and modified Lines Of Code(LOC). The problem with git log and git diff is that it counts only added and removed lines in all git generated summaries and there is no way of knowing which line is really new, deleted, or modified so that is what Git LOC tracker does.


gem install git_loc_tracker
and type git-loc-tracker in any git repo
For help type git-loc-tracker -h


-p, --path PATH - Specify path to git repo root or sub directory. By default it is working directory from which you call the command.
-f, --from TIME - Specify from date ex. '2012-10-29'
-t, --till TIME - Specify till date ex. '2012-10-29 12:44:01'
-u, --author AUTHOR - Specify git author
-s, --searchscope DIRS - Specify search scope for which to gather statistics, default: 'app config extras db lib spec Gemfile'
-h, --help - Show help

Complex example

git-loc-tracker --path=path/to/git/repo --from="1 week ago" --till="1 hour ago" --author="Janis" --searchscope="app/controllers app/models"

Boring details

Gem uses standard git log -p --word-diff command with additional parameters described earlier and greps out only interesting lines. Then iterates through all found lines and checks the code in specific line to detect whether it's completely new, deleted or contains deleted or new parts and accordingly counts them as new, deleted, modified.