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Privacy Board Game logo

Privacy Board Game

Welcome to our project repository! 🎉🆙

The Privacy Board Game is an open, offline, extensible and board game to explore and analyze everyday situations on the Internet and learn how to navigate safely using good online security and privacy practices.

This document (the README file) is a hub to give you some information about the project. Jump straight to one of the sections below, or just scroll down to find out more.

Table of Contents

Logo - Privacy and Security Situations Challenge

What we’re doing?

We're working with educators, designers and marketers to build a board game to everyone that's use the web can learn how to navigate safely using good online security and privacy practices.

The problem

  • It’s difficult to teach best privacy and security practices in local projects (Clubs, Meetups, Classroom...) in a highly engaging way.

The solution

  • Build a offline board game to teach privacy and security best practices.

Why our solution?

Because people are enact strong online safety habits through offline board game that's a fun way to learn anything, and bonus: our game is open, offline and extensible.

Getting Started

Game play now!

  1. Download the board on your language: [English] [Portuguese] [Spanish] [Esperanto] Translate to your language
  2. Print or draw by hand the board based on PDF file.
  3. Check the "Let's Play" on board game that includes tips, prepatives and rules.
  4. Start playing!


Remix and create my own

This game is extensive, this means you can remix the game and create your own situations and cards to challenge your friends! You can engage everyone to remix and co-create a new game from this, this allows you to create unlimited fun, go beyond the border and the sky is the limit possibilities! There are two ways to remix:

Remixing by hand

  1. Download the white board game
  2. Print or draw by hand the board based on PDF file
  3. Using markers write the situations risks on the white board game and solutions on the white cards.
  4. Check the "Let's Play" on board game that includes tips, prepatives and rules.
  5. Start playing!

Remixing using vector software

  1. Download the game board source files and fonts.
  2. Download and install the fonts.
  3. Open one of source files using vector software.
  4. Edit all text boxes on the board and cards by adding your own situations and solutions to them (if you're using the Illustrator, unlock the layers before).
  5. Save, print and start playing!

The first situation is done, it is an example/template to follow.


If you think you can help in any of the areas listed (and we bet you can) or in any of the many areas that we haven't yet thought of (and here we're sure you can) then please check out our contributors' guidelines and our roadmap.

Please note that it's very important to us that we maintain a positive and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate. When you join us we ask that you follow our code of conduct in all interactions both on and offline.

Our areas

Drop us a line

If you need send a private message to us, please ping us at

Participation Guidelines

This project adheres to a code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to Geraldo Barros.


Geraldo Barros, Game Creator & Illustration Design

Cynthia Pereira, Front-end Developer & Communication

Cyb3ll3 Oliveira, Tests & Feedback

Carolina Tejada, Spanish L10n

Chad Sansing, Challenge, Ideas & Resources

Global Sprint Team, Network

...and more here


  • README file: a document that introduces an open project to the public and any potential contributors
  • repository or repo: a collection of documents related to your project, in which you create and save new code or content
  • Roadmap: a document outlining the schedule of work to be done on a project
  • Milestone: an event or state marking a specific stage in development on the project
  • Issue: the GitHub term for tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your projects