Sanic + Nginx + Docker basic example
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Sanic & Nginx & docker-compose example


Simple and easy to use skeleton-project using Sanic behined nginx.

Using docker and docker-compose to orchestrate everything.

The app is based on the (great) blog-post for flask:

How to run?

  • git clone the project
  • Start a new docker-machine: docker-machine create -d virtualbox sanic;
  • Attach to the machine: eval "$(docker-machine env sanic)"
  • Build the containers (This will take a while for the first time!): docker-compose build
  • Create and start containers: docker-compose up -d

Ok what now?

  • Use docker-machine ip sanic to get the machine IP
  • Go to MACHINE-IP/hello-world or MACHINE-IP/static/index.html and validate everything worked.
  • That's It!


  • /static/* files are served using the nginx.
  • Use the .env file to override or add config values (i override the logo):
    • Just add SANIC_ prefix before var name.


Want to contribute? Great! Feel free to open PR/Issue :)


MIT - Free Software, Hell Yeah!