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Pronounces "æ" as "a"
#17 opened Jun 27, 2019 by WCarter73
doesn't pronounce /ʁ/
#16 opened Apr 29, 2019 by rosenblu1
Doesn't pronounce /r/
#15 opened Apr 20, 2019 by Logopher
Character escape sequences
#14 opened Mar 26, 2019 by bripmccann
/ĩ/ Breaks it.
#13 opened Mar 23, 2019 by codeeg
Console warnings and errors
#12 opened Mar 23, 2019 by bripmccann
Stumbles over /oʊ/
#6 opened Sep 8, 2018 by borky-mcgee
/ʁ/ not handled
#3 opened Feb 13, 2018 by brawer
Cannot pronounce some wovels
#2 opened Dec 10, 2017 by varepsilon
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