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* make: dmd -version=D2 -Iexport libmongod-D2.a example/connect.d
* -Iexport : path to the folder containing the files:
* bson.di, bson_h.di, md5.di, mongo.di, mongo_h.di, myversion.di, net.di, numbers.di
module example;
import std.stdio;
private import mongod.mongo_h;
private import mongod.mongo;
private import mongod.bson_h;
private import mongod.bson;
void main(char[][] args)
mongo conn;
string collection = "test";
string host = "localhost";
int port = 27017;
char* col = cast(char*) collection;
char* ns = cast(char*) (collection ~ ".simple");
mongo_connect(&conn, host, port);
writeln("connect to mongodb [", host, ":", port, "] sucessful");
mongo_set_op_timeout(&conn, 1000);
catch (Exception ex)
writeln("failed to connect to mongodb, err=", ex.msg);
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