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Aard2 for Web

Aard2 for Web is a minimalistic web UI to look up words and browse content of dictionaries in slob format.

Aard2 for Web requires Java 1.6 or newer and a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Download Aard2 for Web

To start the application, run

java -Dslobber.browse=true -jar aard2-web-0.3.jar ~/Downloads/*.slob

(assuming you have some slob files in ~/Downloads directory). This should open Aard2 web UI page (http://localhost:8013) in the default system browser.

To start the web server on a different port, set system property slobber.port. For example, to start on port 8014:

java -jar -Dslobber.port=8014 -Dslobber.browse=true ~/Downloads/*.slob