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A Python library for the Mollom anti-spam service
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A Python library for the Mollom anti-spam service.

A PyPI package is available at PyPI_pymollom. This package still implements the old XMLRPC API. Right now, the code base is moving towards the new REST API.

XMLRPC Example:

from Mollom import MollomAPI
from Mollom import MollomFault

def content_is_spam(content):
    mollom_api = MollomAPI(
    if not mollom_api.verifyKey():
        raise MollomFault('Your MOLLOM credentials are invalid.')

    cc = mollom_api.checkContent(postBody=content)
    # cc['spam']: 1 for ham, 2 for spam, 3 for unsure;
    if cc['spam'] == 2:
        return True
    return False
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