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A command-line grade entry tool. Partially inspired by and standards based grading
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A command-line grade entry tool. Partially inspired by and standards based grading.

Every new piece of information about a student will be entered as a single line in a text file, using key:value pairs to indicate the meaning of entries, in much the same way that uses priorities, contexts, and projects to slice the todo.txt file into useful subsets.

A companion tool (or tools) will parse the grade.txt file, preparing reports for students and teacher, and using pandas for exploratory data analysis on the student records.

Key features (for me) for the cli is that it be very fast to enter student notes, comments, scores, attendance, etc. without the overheard of alphabetizing stacks of papers, finding columns or rows in spreadsheets, insuring that consistency of naming is maintained, or waiting on a web interface.

For the analysis and reporting tool, the key feature is that it be very simple and fast to enter desired slices, and that it be simple to build standard queries and reports that can be updated as data are entered using the cli.

It seems that much of the cli could be written as a variant of the todo.txt-cli, but I would rather work in python for now.


python's argcomplete, available through pip: pip install argcomplete


MIT License

Copyright 2013, Mark Betnel.

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