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This program will run as a simple HTTP server allowing AWS SNS to push messages into Graylog via the GELF protocol.
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SNS to GELF Client

This program will run as a simple HTTP server allowing SNS to push messages into Graylog via the standardised GELF format

To install / run locally:

npm install

To run on beanstalk:

  • Zip up package.json and any required files
  • Upload ZIP to beanstalk and it will be deployed!
  • Be sure to set configuration options as environment variables in beanstalk, you will need to run direct as a service and not proxy-pass via Nginx.

To use:

Setup SNS to point to the HTTP URL of your service, the service will auto-confirm any new SNS registration topics!

Configuration options (passed as environment variables):

// Configuration Options / Environment Variables:
//      HTTP_LISTEN_PORT    (Integer, port to run webserver on, defaults to 9000)
//      CONSOLE_DEBUG       (String, true/false - provides verbose debugging)
//      GELF_SERVER         (String, provide hostname or IP)
//      GELF_SERVER_PORT    (Integer, defaults to: 12201)
//      GELF_CHUNK_SIZE     (Integer, defaults to: 1420)
//      GELF_TRANSPORT_TYPE (String, either 'wan' or 'lan', defaults to 'wan')

Installing as a service (not required if running via Beanstalk):

mkdir -p /opt && cd /opt
git clone

cd sns-to-gelf-graylog-client && npm install

cp additional/itoc-sns-gelf-client.initd /etc/init.d/itoc-sns-gelf-client
chmod +x /etc/init.d/itoc-sns-gelf-client
chkconfig --add itoc-sns-gelf-client

npm install forever -g
mkdir -p /var/run/forever && chmod 777 /var/run/forever

Be sure to set any changes to your environment in located in the 'additional' directory.

Useful information:

  • Will parse any JSON objects received in the SNS messages as Graylog fields.
    • When parsing JSON object, if the object contains: 'Event_Message' this will be defaulted as the 'message' field in Graylog... If you want to set a custom message you need to include 'Event_Message' in your JSON object.
  • Currently does not support proxy passing via server such as Nginx.
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