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#ABNF 1.0 ISO-8859-1;
// Default grammar language is US English
language en-US;
// Single language attachment to tokens
// Note that "fr-CA" (Canadian French) is applied to only
// the word "oui" because of precedence rules
$yes = yes | oui!fr-CA;
// Single language attachment to an expansion
$people1 = (Michel Tremblay | André Roy)!fr-CA;
// Handling language-specific pronunciations of the same word
// A capable speech recognizer will listen for Mexican Spanish and
// US English pronunciations.
$people2 = Jose!en-US | Jose!es-MX;
* Multi-lingual input possible
* @example may I speak to André Roy
* @example may I speak to Jose
public $request = may I speak to ($people1 | $people2);