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If you use this project for research purposes, please quote this articles:

GRAPHOS – Open-Source Software for Photogrammetric Applications; The Photogrammetric Record (2018), DOI: 10.1111/phor.12231; Authors: D. González-Aguilera; L. López-Fernández; P. Rodríguez-Gonzálvez; D. Hernández-López; D. Guerrero; F. Remondino; F. Menna; E. Nocerino; I. Toschi; A. Ballabeni; M. Gaiani;

Development of an all-purpose free photogrammetric tool Congress: XXIII ISPRS Congress Date: 12 to 19 of July of the year 2016,Prague,Czech Republic Authors: Diego González-Aguilera; Luis López-Fernández; Pablo Rodriguez-Gonzalvez; Diego Guerrero-Sevilla; David Hernandez-Lopez; Fabio Menna; Erica Nocerino; Isabella Toschi; Fabio Remondino; Andrea Ballabeni; Marco Gaiani

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Current version: v0.92 bn 32


An Open Source photogrammetric platform for 3d reconstruction from multiple images. The photographic dream of modeling the world in 3D at scale only using photographs comes true. GRAPHOS has been conceived as a platform that integrates the best and most robust algorithms in photogrammetry and computer vision for achieving flexibility (coping with any type of images and camera), automation (passing from 2D to 3D with one click) and quality (guaranteeing high resolution and accuracy).


-Clone this repository.

-Install mandatory dependencies on "libs" folder.

-Compile using QtCreator (tested with MSVC 2010 x64 compiler).


Mandatory dependencies

-Boost 1.58 or later.

-LibLas 1.8 or later.

-OpenCV 3.0 or later.


-vlFeat 0.9.20 or later