Fix for issues encountered after upgrading to Trac 0.12 running on PostgreSQL #26

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Fix for issues #16, #17, #18 and #24. Or so it seems to me, anyway.

Help yourself.

You don't want to use string formatting to pass arguments to execute, as the values won't be escaped, and you introduce a vulnerability. For more info, see:

Previous experience has demonstrated that the literal here needs to be single-quoted: WHERE name='%s', and avoid string formatting as described in the next comment.

cursor.execute("SELECT value FROM system WHERE name='%s'",

I can't say that wrapping the argument in a list will cause a problem, but the more idiomatic Trac thing to do is pass a tuple:

cursor.execute("DELETE FROM subtickets WHERE child=%s", (, ))

Casting to str should not be done since the data is stored as int, IIIC.

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