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This is a networking demo for Google Cardboard built in Unity 5. It uses the Photon Unity Networking tools for server setup, lobby setup, and remote procedure call (RPC) handling.
This method could also work for other hardware with minor modification.

Setup Photon

First, create a free Photon account. Once you have an account, go to your "Realtime Dashboard" and "Create a new realtime app". Name it whatever you like, and return to the dashboard to see your new realtime app with appid (your appid will be a long string of numbers and letters).
Note: As long as your app has < 20 concurrent users, Photon is free, with no other restrictions.

Use in Unity

Open the included Unity project. Select Assets>Photon Unity Networking>Resources>PhotonServerSettings in the inspector.
Paste your appid in the text box. Check and make sure your settings indicate:
Hosting: Photon Cloud
Region: Us
AppId: (your unique activated appid from Photon)
Protocol: Udp
Client Settings:
Auto-Join Lobby (true)
Enable Lobby Stats (false)

The demo scene should then be able to build and run.

Contact me anytime at for questions/comments.


Thanks to:
Hayden from Convrge
Chris Kairalla
The Google Cardboard Team


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