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FPGA "IA Journy" game

Preview Screenshot

Verilog code for very simple gun(music note)-shooting game by button and VGA screen.

This programs is for CPE223 Digital system design, KMUTT.

Youtube demo video

Project member

  1. Mr. Rachasak Ragkamnerd 57070501075
  2. Mr. Suttiwat Songboonkaew 57070501079


How to use Verilog file

  1. Install Xilinx ISE.
  2. Create new project,
  3. Set vgagame.v as top module. ..- Dont forget to add another .v files into project.
  4. Configure pin network. (see net.ucf which used for APEX FPGA Discovery-III XC3S200 for example)
  5. Implement project into binary file.
  6. Upload binary file into FPGA board.
  7. Connect VGA breakout to board. (see VGA Pong project for wiring and creating instruction.)
  8. Initial program
  9. Enjoy!


Example using those script: left--Scrpit console, middle--module code result, top right--original image, bottom right--expected output image

Those image2verilog-[type].py are Python 2.7 script for generating 3-bits RGB image drawing module. (Maybe) easy to use!

Read how-it-work blog article here! (in Thai)

5 step to use

  1. run py image2verilog-[type].py (color -- color and separate command in each pixel, bw -- black white and group same color, colorgroup -- same as bw but 3-bits RGB) (Don't forget to install Python 2.7, PILlow, and tkFileDialog first!)
  2. Choose input image (Typical image format which supported by Python PIL)
  3. Name output filename. (You can use {w} for image width and {h} for image height.)
  4. Name output module name.
  5. Wait and see! :v


Verilog code for very simple gun(music note)-shooting game by button and VGA screen.




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