aiddata spatial data framework
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aiddata spatial data framework


basic sciclone environment

  • update config scripts for sciclone that define environment variables (e.g., PYTHONPATH) and load necessary modules (see src/sciclone dir). reload files (source <file> or logout to load changes
  • install python package if needed (unlikely these will ever get wiped, but list is in sciclone/pip_list.txt) see sciclone/scipip for pip install
  • make sure HPC account being used is set as priority user on for vortex-alpha nodes (HPC staff can do this)
  • make sure HPC servers have necessary ports open for mongodb, gmail

database server

  • have IT open mongodb ports for and all HPC servers (prod and dev servers, where applicable)
  • update mongod.conf
  • copy and add cron (see comments in script for details)

asdf setup

  • run bash <branch>

asdf dataset ingest

  • see ingest dir for specifics on ingesting datasets (related resources in asdf-datasets repo)