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XRechnung Visualization Transformators

XSL transformators for web rendering of German CIUS XRechnung or EN16931-1:2017.

The source documents have to be in either UBL Invoice/CreditNote XML and CII XML and have to be conforming to German CIUS XRechnung or EN16931-1:2017.

The transformations have to happen in two steps:

  1. Either UBL Invoice/CreditNote XML or CII XML have to be transformed to an intermediate XML which has to be valid to a proprietary simple XML Schema
  2. Then you can use either
  3. xrechnung-html.xsl to render an HTML document or
  4. xr-pdf.xsl to render an PDF document

See our architecture documentation (in German) for a general overview. Here you can find more details on configuration and usage options

You can find an example use of these transformations in the ant build script. It also includes some technical tests.

This GitHub repository is only a mirror of our GitLab project repository.

For questions please contact KoSIT.