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@rkottmann rkottmann released this Dec 18, 2020


  • cii-xr.xsl tolerates dates with hyphens


  • Fixed german date format of bt-9 in pdf visualization
  • Fixed visualization of BG-20, BG-21, BG-27, BG-28
  • Fixed visualization of BT-11 in UBL-CreditNote
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@lkumai lkumai released this Aug 6, 2020

This release is compatible to XRechnung 2.0.0.


  • Sub Invoice Line with recursion in UBL-Invoice
  • PDF visualization
  • Ids to html divs


  • Compatible with XRechnung 2.0.0
  • Xsl scripts are not generated automatically from xrechnung-model anymore
  • Add scheme-ids and scheme-version-ids to div ids
  • Show multiple payment terms and payment due days from CII


  • Issue double generation of BT-47, BT-86
  • Multiple line allowances and line charges (BG-27, BG-28)
  • Id of BG-27 fixed in xr-mapping.xsl and xrechnung-html.xsl
  • Fixed german decimal seperator and missing zero in decimal smaller than 1
  • Fixed visualization of BT-74 and BT-74
  • Fixed BT-39 in HTML
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@rkottmann rkottmann released this Jun 24, 2019

No changes. Tested with XRechnung Testsuite 2019-06-24. Compatible with XRechnung 1.2.1

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@rkottmann rkottmann released this Dec 20, 2018

No changes. Tested with XRechnung Testsuite 2018-12-14. Compatible with XRechnung 1.2.0

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@rkottmann rkottmann released this Nov 15, 2018

First pre-release of xrechnung-visualization for web rendering.

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