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#MINERVA Project


  • Agazsi Nabiel Bahasoean
  • Bimo Prabowo Reksoprodjo
  • Kristofer Anandita
  • Muhammad Raihan Saputra
  • Velta Azizah Destiana


The Virtues of Early Childhood Education A sufficient level of ECE guarantees a lifetime of benefits for the child who receives it. It provides a foundation for the kids to further enhance their multiple intelligences. Studies have shown that children enrolled in ECE scored higher in IQ points by age of 5, scored higher in reading and math tests by age 15, have a higher likelihood to enroll in college and earned more by the age of 40.

Unfortunately, this kind of education is scarce both in availability and in depth. Only a limited number of schools provide education for children under 3 and the ones that do often come with a high tuition. Additionally, teachers are rarely equipped with the knowledge and character necessary to handle children under 3 years old. It is also typically difficult for teachers to provide uniquely personalized education if the teacher:student ratio is high (more than1:6). Most concerningly, whatever gains achieved at school are oftentimes not sustained, or even brought down, by the way the child is treated at home.

Unlocking the teacher in every parent Fortunately, there is an abundant potential resource available to provide ECE: parents. Parents have the right incentive system (to see their kid succeed), knows the child’s developmental details intimately (the live at the same home), have an ideal teacher:student ratio (2:1 up to 2:3 on average) and are role models that kids look up to.

By providing a step by step guide on a child’s developmental stage, and recommending activities to boost the kid’s intelligences relevant to their stages, parents will have the capacity to become the best early childhood educator of their children. By providing parents with the right assistance and tools to help educate their kids, we can unlock one of the biggest revolutions in the education world since the formation of the school system.

A purposeful tool to assist parents in reaching greater potential for their kids We are a strong believer in using technology to solve non-technological problems, that includes touching millions (potentially even billions) of people through mobile technology. The idea is simple, we collect the data of the babies/toddlers from the parents to understand the patterns and become the source to understand child cognitive development.

This project is a continuation between Velta and However, we wish to provide an improved system as education and monitoring tool designed for children and parents.

Project Goals

Divided into 3 (three) sections:

A. Goals

MINERVA should be able to act as a tool in helping adults monitor their children's capabilities. MINERVA should be simple and easy to use. Visual elements should be easily understandable by users and prompted inputs should be straightforward.

Some features we are planning to implement:

  1. Input parameter on each of the section;
  2. Wheel of children growth after parents/guardian filling up the inputs;
  3. Individual milestone review, and
  4. Alternative activities for the parents as immediate action items.

B. User Target

Persona #1: Stay at home mom, curious, know about activities to educate the kid because she’s there with her children. Typically around 25-35. Lives in urban area. College educated. Has work experience, was exposed to other community outside her closest friends and families. Active in Social Media. She got her insights about parenting through, FB/twitter, blogs and other websites.

Subset of user persona: The mom (and dad) who wants to homeschool her kids.

Persona #2: Working parents (both the mom and the dad), who wants to keep track of her kids development despite their limitation. Typically around 25-35. Lives in urban area. College educated. Active in Social Media. She got her insights about parenting through, FB/twitter, blogs and other websites. Has a support group in a form of grandparents, nannies and/or day care staffs.

C. Expected Outcome

MINERVA should be able to yield a easy-to-understand visual demonstration (in the form of a chart, diagram and descriptions), showing the user the levels of their children's capabilities based on determining educational factors and sectors.

Project Vision

Combining both pre-defined framework (based on scientific theory and proven examples) and user generated content (based on communities best practices).

A responsive website created from React.js (frontend) and PHP/Python framework (backend).

SCRUM Core Team

Member Name Roles
Raihan Product Manager
Velta Frontend Developer
Agazsi Frontend Designer
Bimo Backend Developer
Kitto Backend Developer
Raihan -> Velta + Agazsi : Please create 'em mockup!
Note right of Bimo + Kitto: Backend processed
Bimo + Kitto -->Velta + Agazsi: System is on the way!
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