A simpler, more elegant form validator.
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A simpler, more elegant form validation plugin.

I wrote this plugin for a specific project I was working on. I needed a very simple form validator and wanted one that actually looked good. Plus I wanted to use HTML5's built-in attributes for marking up validation requirements.

This only supports the specific use-cases that I needed, but I plan on completing more when I have time. You're welcome to make contributions as well.

Supported Features

No special markup is required in declaring your form.

<form> ... </form>

You can also pass special options in the form tag like so:

<form data-validate-position="right"> ... </form>

Will cause the validation bubbles for this form to appear to the right of the input field, instead of the default below. Valid values are above, below, and right.

In terms of input fields, supported options are required, minlength, maxlength, and partial pattern support.

<input type="text" required minlength="2" maxlength="32" pattern="alpha">

At this time, pattern only supports the value of alpha, to restrict the input to be alphabetical characters. Custom regex patterns and other pre-made regexes will be supported later.

Also, if the type is set to email, it will validate the formatting of the input to ensure it's a legal email address.

It's important to note, this plugin automatically adds novalidate to the form tag, to prevent modern browsers from checking the form.