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#UPDATE: Unfortunately strict mode makes this unfeasible, so this is no longer actively maintained. Try type-script or something.

#Tip-Type Copyright Alex Rohde 2012. Released under GPL v2

At long last! Type Checking in javascript! Tip-Type is a javascript library for allowing both type checking, and default parameters in javascript. Not compatible with firefox.

Example snippet of code plz?

function multiply(/*int*/ x, /* int */ y) // This library uses those comments to ascertain expected type
	return x * y;

console.log(multiply(3, 5 )); // logs 15
console.log(multiply(10, 'oops')); // generates an error, instead of the NaN you'd normally get


Chrome: Fuly Supported IE 8: Fully Supported Node: Fully Supported Firefox: NOT FUNCTIONAL. Opera: Untested Safari: Easy notation NOT supported.

Does this slow my App down?

It will be insignificant, and since you should disable this in production, it won't slow you down there at all. To disable in production, simply include a line like TipType = function(){};

So. What other cool stuff?

It can handle "classes," and "subclasses." It can be used to assert something is a jQuery object, or a dom element. There is an un-recommended advanced notation if you want to use default parameters. But everything gets complicated then.

What problem does this library solve?

The inability to type check in JS.

What if I want to minify?

You're fine, because you won't minify until production and should disable this at production.

What valid types can I check?

See the wiki on github for the most complete list. However, it can at least check: string, number, int, object, array, "classes," function, date, and html element.


  • Tip Type 1.02
  • Copyright 2012, Alex Rohde
  • Licensed under the GPL Version 2 license.


Type Checking in Javascript






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