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tomato is a python script to glitch AVI files

It was designed to operate video frame ordering, substraction and duplication.

Modes called through -mode [mode]

  • void - does nothing
  • random - randomizes frame order
  • reverse - reverse frame order
  • invert - switches each consecutive frame witch each other
  • bloom - duplicates c times p-frame number n
  • pulse - duplicates groups of c p-frames every n frames
  • overlap - copy group of c frames taken from every nth position
  • jiggle - take frame from around current position. n parameter is spread size [broken]

Other parameters :

  • -c and -n - reserved for the modes
  • -ff [0 or 1] - ignore first frame (default 1)
  • -a [0 or 1] - activate audio (default 0)
  • -k [0 to 1] - kill frames with too much data (default 0.7)

Examples of usage

python -i input.avi

Takes out iframes

python -i input.avi -m bloom -c 50 -n 100

Duplicate 50 times the 100th frame

python -i input.avi -m pulse -c 5 -n 10

Duplicates 5 times a frame every 10 frame

python -i input.avi -m random

Shuffles all of the frames in the video

python -i input.avi -m overlap -c 4 -n 2

Copy 4 frames taken starting from every 2nd frame. [1 2 3 4 3 4 5 6 5 6 7 8 7 8...]

Why tomato ?

I made tomato because I wanted to be able to glitch avi files regardless of the contained codec, the resolution and the file size while still being super duper fast and not needing to encode anything.

How does it work ?

It reorders the frames inside the movi tag of your AVI file.

How should you use it

Libraries used : numpy, argparse, os, re, random, struct, itertools

I recommend preparing your AVI files with ffmpeg and the codec library of your choice. To read your glitched files I recommend VLC or Xine if you're under Linux. Both are great for visualizing content (especially xine for the random mode) but keep in mind you should always be experimenting and using different visualizers or tools to bake your files.

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to send me an email at

For more info on development :


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