A Simple PHP Class that communicates with Canada Post Server and provides a shipping estimate.
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Canada Post PHP Class

Canada Post PHP Class will communicates with Canada Post Server and gets the shipping estimate. Its basic and can be extended.

How to Use

As per Canada Post's specification, make sure Port 30000 is opened.

At first include the php class file.

include 'path/to/class.canadapost.php';

$cPost = new CanadaPost();

Set your manufacturer CPCID, postal code by calling the function setManufacturer


  $cPost->setManufacturer( array (
      'merchantCPCID' => CPC_DEMO_XML, // use your merchantCPCID
      'fromPostalCode' => YOUR_POSTAL_CODE, // use your postal code from where the item will be shipped
      'turnAroundTime' => 24,
      'itemsPrice' => 14 // put the total cost of item to be shipped.

Then set the Customer address in the format shown below, again in associative array format. Note: city and provOrState are optional. Only Postal Code and country is required.

  $cPost->setCustomer( array (
     'city' => 'Brampton', [CUSTOMER_CITY]
     'provOrState' => 'Ontario', [CUSTOMER_STATE_PROVINCE]
     'country' => CA, [2 Digit Code, see Canada Post Specs for more Info]
     'postalCode' => 'L1JK9' [CUSTOMER_POSTAL_OR_ZIP_CODE]

Then, set the total price of shipping


Then, add the products needed to be shipped (add as many as you want), in the format shown below:

  $cPost->addProduct(  array (
    'quantity' => 1,
    'weight'=> 2,
    'length' => 3,
    'width' => 1,
    'height' => 8,
    'description' => 'some Description about Product'

Then, invoke the method below (returns XML format of details from Canada Post Server):

  $responseXML = $cPost->getRates();  

If you wish to get the response in associative array, use the following:

  $responseArray = $cPost->getRates('array');

If any error occurs, the above method should return false. So, you can check it like below:

  $rXML = $cPost->getRates(); 
  if( $rXML === false ) {
    echo $cPost->getErrorMessage();

For a sample demo, please check out demo.php

Change Log

  • Version 1.1 (Dec 14, 2010)

    License Changed to MIT License. Updated to Github SVN. No changes in code.

  • Version 1 (July 2008)

    Creation of PHP Class.

Online Documentation / Demo

License & Policy

Copyright (c) 2008 Abdullah Rubiyath http://www.itsalif.info. The script has been released under MIT License.