This Imdb Class allows you to fetch Movie details from It uses XPath / Dom Traversing for scrapping content from
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PHP IMDB Grabber

PHP IMDB Grabber is a class that fetches details from It uses XPath / DOM Traversing for scrapping content from imdb.

How to Use

At first include PHP class file (

require_once 'path/to/';

Then, just use the following:

$imdb = new Imdb();
// Pass the entire path or a search query
// or the name of Movie 
$imdb->get('The Matrix'); 

Parameters / Options

By default, the the method does not return the cast in the movie. If you wish to get a list of the cast, use the following method:

$imdb->showCast(true)->get('Name OR URL of Movie');

Online Documentation / Demo

Change Log

  • Version 1.5 (Feb 10, 2010)

    Added the showCast Method. When this method is invoked with a 'true' parameter, the cast in the movie is also grabbed.

  • Version 2 (July 15, 2010)

    Added a simple regex check for validity of URL on isValidURL method.

  • Version 2.1 (Oct 10, 2010)

    Rewrote the XPath expression as IMDB Changed their Layout completely.

  • Version 2.1 (Dec 9, 2010)

    Fixed a Bug on Cast for new Layout and added Budget Info.

  • Version 2.1 (May 29, 2011)

    Added Genres - Provided by Greg Fitzgerald (Github:

  • Version 2.3 (August 10, 2012)

    Replaced DomDocument->load with CURL for loading IMDB Page. Updated the xpath expression for Runtime for new layout

License & Policy

Copyright (c) 2010 Abdullah Rubiyath The script has been released under MIT License.

Please note that this script is created as a demo of screen scrapping. IMDB Policy prohibits screen scrapping.