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A time recording tool

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  • Records begin, end and interruption of your working day
  • Data storage in human readable json files, one file per month
    • Backup data by creating a git repository for the data folder and commit every day
  • Supported day types (see json example):
    • Normal working day (default for Monday to Friday): WORK
    • Weekend (Saturday and Sunday, detected automatically): WEEKEND
    • Public holiday (won't deduct overtime): HOLIDAY
    • Vacation (won't deduct overtime): VACATION
    • Flex time (will deduct overtime): FLEX_TIME
    • Sickness (won't deduct overtime): SICK
  • Automatic update in the background: just keep it running, and it will record your working time:
    • Start of work is detected when
      • Program start
      • Computer resumes from sleep in the morning
    • Detects the end of work when
      • Program shutdown
      • Computer sleeps for the rest of the day
      • You click the "Stop working for today" button
    • Interruptions detected when computer sleeps for more than 2 minutes
  • Generates reports for your vacation and monthly working time
  • Detects when a second instance is started to avoid data corruption