SlimJim is a simple auto update script utilizing Slim (a PHP micro-framework), incron (inotify cron system), and Github post-receive-hook
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SlimJim was born out of a need for a simple auto update script which would update multiple development/test environments every time someone commits to their respective Github repository.

I know there are many deployment/build scripts out there like whiskey_disk, Vlad and Capistrano which can do this if coupled with a CI server like cijoe, Jenkins, etc.

But I found them to be more complicated to setup just for a basic need i.e to simply update a development/test environment using a post-receive hook without any manual user interaction on behalf of the committer besides git push...


Now lets get to it. To configure SlimJim on your server follow these steps:

Setup site and DB

Basic LAMP setup should suffice. Everything you need is in this repo. I'm using a PHP micro-framework called Slim (thus the name!) which requires PHP 5.3.0 or newer.

Update the first line in deploy.php to point to the path of your SlimJim directory.

Run slimjim.sql on your MySql server. Update /index.php & /admin/index.php with appropriate host, username, and password for the database.

For all the projects that you want to auto-update, add the name of the github repo, branch and the physical path on your server to the projects table.

Alternatively, you can also manage projects and other settings by going to the administrative interface located at /admin

Install & setup incron

When the site receives a payload from the post-receive hook it will drop a request in the /requests folder. Incron is needed to listen for that event and trigger the deploy script.

root@yourhost:/# apt-get install incron

Add the root user to your allow list

root@yourhost:/# vi /etc/incron.allow

Add this, save and quit:


Now watch your requests directory for updates

root@yourhost:/# incrontab -e

Add this, save and quit:

/srv/www/ IN_CLOSE_WRITE php /srv/www/ $#


Give execute permissions to the deploy script

root@yourhost:/# chmod +x deploy.php

Allow writing to the requests folder

root@yourhost:/# chmod 777 /srv/www/

Give permissions to pull from github to the root user (make sure to leave the password empty)

root@yourhost:/# ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "root@yourhost"

Copy and paste the contents from ~/.ssh/ to Account Settings > SSH Keys > Add SSH key on Github

Add Post-Receive URL

Go to Admin -> Service Hooks and add this URL:

That's it! Now sit back and watch SlimJim do the tedious work! :)


Now if you like what this does, feel free to improve upon code. Just follow these steps to contribute:

  • Fork SlimJim on GitHub & Clone your fork onto your machine

git clone[YOUR_USERNAME]/SlimJim.git

  • Pull the develop branch from the upstream repository

cd SlimJim

git remote add upstream

git fetch upstream

git checkout -b develop origin/develop

  • Keep develop up-to-date

git fetch upstream

git rebase upstream/develop develop

  • Create a feature branch

git flow feature start my_cool_feature

  • Hack Hack Hack

Make sure to commit your work in bite-size chunks, so the commit log remains clear.

  • When ready, push the feature branch to your origin

    git push origin my_cool_feature

  • Issue a pull request to my develop branch

  • I will test out your cool feature on develop and do a release to master soon thereafter! :)